Updated  31 December 2017


It fixes a couple typos in Items.XML, fixes (shortens) a lot of item descriptions in Bobby Ray's, adds 19 new items (and enhances a few older ones), tweaks 13 map sectors and fixes a couple missing wall sections in 2 of them, adds balloon text to 2 more civilian factions, adds more variety to the militia and enemy profiles, makes headway into the transition from NAS to (N)CAF for weapon attachments, and includes Sevenfm's latest available executable (r657). It probably includes a few more things/fixes I've forgotten at the moment as I never have gotten into the habit of listing everything I do.

It is a zip file. Simply unzip into your main game folder overwriting all files.

Remember to point your desktop launcher to the new executable.

Ron's Faces Mod Revival for Arulco Vacations

 InfinityV (aka Mister Burkes) tweaked Ron's Faces Revival Mod to be compatible with Arulco Vacations! Check out the particulars of Ron's Faces Mod Revival at The Bear's Pit. The download link for the graphics is there, and the .XML files you need for Arulco Vacations, made by InfinityV, are available here. The install instructions follow:

1) Download and install Ron's Faces Revival Beta.

2) Rename the .XML files in my archive and then overwrite the original files.

3) Known bugs: The rebel faces are bugged in the initial quest dialogue, but they work fine after they join the squad.

If you want to save the original Arulco Vacations faces then copy the  ../Data-1.13/faces and ../Data-1.13/IMPFaces folders, and copy the ../Data-1.13/TableData/MercProfiles.xml & ../Data-1.13/TableData/RPCFacesSmall.xml, somewhere safe.

All other previous add-ons have been included in Arulco Vacations v1.10.

More coming soon!

Below are graphics used to illustrate old add-ons . . . please ignore them.


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